Many of you have asked me for editing help so thought I should add a page with all the details. Writing and editing services can be done via Skype, in person, with Google Docs or  Microsoft Word.  Writing fees

Test Writing Preparation

I offer help in the writing sections of the various tests you might have to take. For example, IBT (internet Based TOEFL), CBest,  GRE, SAT etc.  Together we decide in which areas you need the most help and we delve in right there. No matter the test, we work on style, structure, punctuation, and tone. In addition, we practice writing under the time constraints in your particular test. Your confidence and your writing skills will most definitely be enhanced after we have worked together. 

College Papers

I am happy to help get you over the hump so to speak with your college papers. I offer guidance on style, structure, and punctuation. I am a huge believer in the power of a good introduction so if I help you, you can expect me to spend time on that area of your paper. Since I am also a stickler for grammar, I will be trolling your paper for errors big and small. I will NOT write a paper for you but I promise your paper will be significantly improved after we have worked together. Really. 

Statement of Purpose

 I am happy to help you brainstorm the angle you will take on your particular essay. Then I will guide you to make the clearest, most compelling case for yourself. I will make sure your grammar and usage is perfect. Yes. Perfect. And I promise to support you through this at times daunting task.


In my experience nothing scares people more in the writing arena than the resume. I am here to allay your fear. It is really just a list of your experience. The trick of course is in the word choice and the grammar. Your choice of words has be very accurate and you have to make sure that all items are parallel.  There are cultural differences too so if you are a foreigner applying for a job in the US, I will make sure  your resume is culturally appropriate. 

Cover Letters

I love cover letters and after we have worked together, you might too. In the cover letter you are telling the story of your work experience. The hardest issue is choosing which experiences to relate. Together we will look at these issues and choose the most appropriate topics.  Since your grammar, punctuation, and style have to be clear and accurate, I will of course help with that too.  For my foreign students, a big issue can be an excess of humility. So of course I will help you to get into more of a bragging mode. I am joking but only a little. You do need to trumpet your accomplishments more than you might be used to and I will help you with the tone you want to take. You will be proud of your cover letter after our sessions!

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