Pronunciation: B versus V

The and V distinction is particularly troublesome to Spanish Speakers---even for those whose English is almost at the native speaker level. And for my poor students who have a B or V in their name it is especially troublesome. Veronica for example often tells people her name is Beronica, while Elbia often introduces herself as Elvia! What to do? it all about the lips and the teeth people. For B, lips are together softly. Try: Bob, bingo, babble, bramble. How did it feel? Often students clamp their lips shut and not only is it uncomfortable, but it also looks strange. And who wants to look strange? So lips together softly for the B

For V the upper teeth need to be lightly behind the lower lip. Yes. I said lightly behind the lower lip. Try: very, valuable, vexing, vintage. The mistake a lot of students make is clamping their teeth in the middle of the lower lips which looks very ugly indeed. And ugliness is not a look we are going for now, is it? So the mantra for the correct pronunciation of and is soft and relaxed. If your lips are soft, relaxed, and in the right position, you will not only get the pronunciation correct but you will look good too. A winning combination. Really.