Order of adjectives

The order of adjectives has always been one of my favorite things to teach. Don't ask me why but it is just fun playing around with them, changing the order, scrambling them. and seeing what sounds good.

A point to remember is that the English language likes the number three. We like to have at most 3 clauses. And the same holds true for adjectives. Of course we sometimes use more adjectives but in general 3 in a row is quite fine. 

Look at the pictures below.  Which one do you think is correct and can you make a "rule" about adjective order? Say them aloud. If you said, "Pretty, little,  things" you are correct. Now add a color. Let's use the word "green". Where would that word go? And if you put it at the end, you are correct again. "Pretty, little, green, things". So what are the  guidelines? Well, we put global adjectives first: pretty, fantastic, wonderful etc. Then size: big, little, tiny. And our third adjective is color. So for the next few days try playing with adjectives and see what other guidelines you can come up with.  And please, don't take it too seriously!