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Welcome to the English Over Easy Blog. In this space I plan to do a little of everything: give some tips on writing, grammar, listening, and pronunciation, and TOEL. You may see tips on books, movies, and tv shows that will help your English. 

Pronunciation tip: Months

This tip is worth thousands of dollars. Well I am joking but it is a good one all the same.

We use the word "months" a lot. As in "I'll see you in a few months." " I was in Berkeley for 6 months."

It is hard to pronounce correctly because  you have the N, TH, and S all coming together. The solution that most non native speakers employ is to forget about the S. But people that is not a good idea. The final S in English is always important. I repeat. The final S is always important.

So....What to do? My solution is to forget the TH sound.  Pronounce it MONTS. Really. No one will ever hear that you have omitted the TH. And by leaving the TH out you don't have to do acrobatics with your tongue! Try it. MONTS. Now doesn't that feel good! 

Thank You

Thank you to Nancy Friedman of  Wordworking for naming help. To my students all over the world who gave advice and encouragement. To my teaching colleagues from whom i have learned so much. To Jim B for help in deciphering the ins and outs of SquareSpace. This was my first attempt at creating a web site and much to my surprise it was actually fun. To Emily Jan for design advice. To Anna S for layout and content suggestions. To Nora C-B, Eoin C-B, Ralph E, Joanna D. for editing help. And to Dan Piraro  of Bizarro fame for allowing me to use this totally perfect cartoon.

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