Big, bigger, biggest

I was asked to do a post on comparing adjectives. So here goes.


Single syllable adjectives are a breeze. You just have to add -er. -est or -iest

Big, bigger, biggest

Small, smaller, smallest


And 3 or more syllables are also not a problem. You add more, most.

Beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful

Interesting, more interesting, most interesting


It is the 2 syllable adjectives that are the pesky ones. If the adjective ends in Y we use -er, -est,  or -iest.

Pretty, prettier, prettiest

Lucky, luckier, luckiest

(And note that we are dropping the Y and adding -iest)

But for other 2 syllable adjectives, we use more, most

Modern, more modern, most modern

Peaceful, more peaceful, most peaceful

And sorry. There is  another confusing issue. People think that by using more it makes the adjective stronger. So for example, you will often hear more tasty. What do you think? Do you think more tasty feels stronger than tastier? Have fun next week practicing. And isn't the image below fun?