About English Over Easy

Karinna and Marco (see Testimonials) had been Síle's's private students and praised her teaching.  "Síle you really should start a tutoring business," Marco said. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Your help with TOEFL was invaluable," Karinna chorused. Síle, the Grammar Grandma, demurred but they were very persuasive, persistent, and insistent.  And so English Over Easy was born.

What does "over easy" mean?  In the U.S. when you order fried eggs, you are asked if you would like them "over easy". This term means fried on both sides but the egg yolk will still be runny. By calling the business English Over Easy I wanted to joke a little and let you know that learning English can be fun.

About Síle, aka the Grammar Grandma

Picture credit:  Kim Larson

Picture credit: Kim Larson

Name: This is the Irish spelling of the name, pronounced Sheila. I am originally  from Ireland. My friend Nancy F dubbed me the Grammar Grandma.

Education: B.A from University College Dublin, Ireland. Higher Diploma in Education from University College Dublin, Ireland.   M.A in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from San Francisco State University, U.S.A.

Years teaching: Too many to count! Over 30 years in fact. That's a lot of fabulous students to have taught.

Teaching: The Athenian School, UC Berkeley Extension, Laney Community College, UC Berkeley Summer School

Overseas Work: Ireland, Lesotho, France, Micronesia, Japan.

What I love about the English language: Everything. But I always pay very close attention to tense usage. For example, there is a big difference between the following 2 sentences.  "I have eaten a piece of wonderful chocolate cake". "I ate a piece of wonderful chocolate cake". Do you know the difference?

In my spare time: Knitting, reading,  singing, sewing, and baking. (If you are lucky, you will get some of my shortbread!)

Foods I love:  Curries, noodles, pasta, and sushi. Chocolate anything.  Coffee ice cream.